How it Began

Let’s start legally (although I drank before this, we will just start here.) 1994 – I turned 21 and started working in a bar. Mostly DJing, but was also trying to be a “musician”. This was a great way to help pay for college because I was in the bar on the weekends anyway, why not get my drinking subsidized. For many years my older brother Vaughn and I worked there for years. Vaughn had his DJ business and I started working for him. We would drink all night at “work”, the bartender’s would drink with us, so whenever we wanted a drink, we would play a song for them and they would make room at the bar for us to go up and do shots. Perfect for a college student.
This continued for many years, essentially drinking only on the weekend. In September 2000 life changed as I knew it. Saturday September 9th my mother was hospitalized, Monday September 11th she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, She died on Saturday September 16, 2000. One month after her 60th birthday, and 7 months before my wedding. THIS is where I learned how to self Medicate.


Mona L Jackson Aug 24, 1940-Sept 16, 2000